Snowpiercer le transperceneige 2013 Clean Audio Download Movie Torrent

Snowpiercer le transperceneige 2013 Clean torrent

In the future, when failed attempts at climate change have killed a lifetime, with the exception of a few lucky ones stepping on a snowmobile, a train traveling around a train, a new class system will emerge.
Bong Joon Ho authors:
Jacques Lob (based on “Le Transperceneige”), Benjamin Legrand (based on “Le Transperceneige”) | Installed in 2031, the whole world has survived, except those located on the snowboard. Seventeen years the world has survived on trains, bringing its economy and class system. A group of disadvantaged citizens in trouble led by Curtis (Chris Evans) arrives firmly in front of the train and shares the wealth. Each part of the train brings new surprises in the group that has to fight. The revolution continues.


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