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Adventures of a rideshare driver

Charles Campise, the author of Adventures of a Rideshare Driver, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy as well as Master’s degrees in Educational Psychology and Social Work. He is a native of Houston, Texas. He speaks Spanish fluently. After retiring, he discovered a new and lovely route as a rideshare driver, which he has been following. He has been a rideshare driver for more than one ride-share companies.

Adventures of a Rideshare Driver is a memoir of recollections, experiences, historical information about places, hilarious and unusual anecdotes of individuals from many walks of life, and even recommendations for drivers to be reminded of the basics to keep in their cars that are beneficial and entertaining for the passengers.

Reading the short episodes of worthwhile narratives from the eyes of a rideshare driver, learning from the stories of people from different generations, and enjoying the vicarious experiences of traveling in the region in and around Austin are just a few of what one can get in reading this book. In this book, the author also shares some of his own life experiences and personal connections to cities in the United States and overseas. He has made a point of telling the most amusing anecdotes from his previous journeys. Campise has several episodes of his most fascinating and famous passengers. He has been a ride-sharing driver on over 7,000 journeys and has serviced over 20,000 passengers.

These remarks are a few from the three huge journals that Campise has been keeping in his ride-sharing car for passengers to leave written notes of any type.

“Charles is so awesome-a wealth of Austin hot spots! This is the best place to be (riding in his car) for tour information…” Kristi

“Charlie, you know amazing things. Thanks for the ride and the education.” Heather, from Michigan

“I know that some drivers top 6,000 trips. But, you were more than a trip! A friend. Thanks!

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