Charles Campise is a driver of more than one ride-share company. He has made seven thousand trips or so. The Adventures of a Rideshare Driver is a riveting read about giving passengers a safe ride and taking them to their respective destinations. It also talks about how the author took the chance to share and listen to their stories. Charles Campise gave us a fresh and personal yet resonating perspective of the joys and gains of what it means to be a rideshare driver.

The Adventures of a Rideshare Driver is a memoir that has short episodes of worth-reading narratives about a rideshare driver who met and served meaningfully random people from different generations with different backgrounds, shared memories with strangers, and even witnessed and heard a foretaste of the passengers’ everyday struggles, laughter, and funny experiences, as well as how they dealt with mundane things.


Collaborative consumption of the sharing economy is all around us now from AIRBNB to ridesharing like Uber and Lyft. Charles takes his experiences in this new style of peer-to-peer services to a new and very detailed level. The descriptive nature of his rides gives one

the feeling of being in Austin and how you would feel if you were doing it yourself down to ‘turn by turn’. While sharing yourself and your car with strangers may not be for everyone, as you will learn from Charles’ experiences, you may be surprised at what you can learn not only from others but also about yourself.

Shelly Chasey

Austin, Texas

Charles’s perceptive eye and gift for story-telling made the “life of a driver” fascinating. One only wishes all the drivers were as patient, informative and solicitous. I hope the many readers realize this book is written with the eye of a spanish-speaking clergyman, a scholar, a warm and giving social worker with a profound understanding of the handicapped and, most-of-all, a sincere human being grounded in philosophical truths… My hope is that the author will continue on his wonderful adventure, educating and learning as he goes. Most important, keep writing and keep us laughing as the world turns. 

Doctor Harriet Allen

Ph.D., Psychologist

Charles Campise, who has made more than seven thousand trips as a rideshare driver, shares a sentimental memoir of his work. His recollections are often humorous, revealing an open-hearted, sometimes open-handed attitude towards his diverse customers. The episodes are brief, focused on generally short encounters. A few cartoon illustrations enhance the stories. Regional vignettes form a fascinating part of the narrative. Campise amply communicates enthusiasm. He makes comments for other drivers, suggesting what they should carry in their vehicles to make a trip for a passenger more comfortable.

Barbara Bamberger Scott

The US Review of Books

Radio interview with cbs radio


book writer charles campise

Charles Campise was born in Houston Texas. He is the grandson of immigrants from Poggio Reale, Sicily, who came to an Italian settlement near Bryan, Texas in the late 1880s. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and a double Master’s, covering Educational Psychology and Social Work. He has become fluent in Spanish through his own personal efforts at study. He retired from service to the foster care system in Texas in June 2014 after forty-four years. Then, he began looking for something fun to do. 

He found an offer from a ride-sharing company on the fourth day of retirement, signed up, and was driving one week later.

Charles Campise

Book Author

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